artist_bohmanAdam Bohman (on ie-004)

London-based experimental musician and artist Adam Bohman (1959) has been operating on the outer fringes of underground music for decades. Working with home-built instruments, found objects, tape cut-ups, collages, ink drawings and graphic scores. Favouring acoustic sounds over electronics, he explores the minute tendrils of sounds coaxed from any number of non-musical instruments and objects. He is a member of British experimental groups Morphogenesis, The Bohman Brothers, Secluded Bronte and The London Improvisers Orchestra.



artist_ulherBirgit Ulher (on ie-005)

German trumpet player Birgit Ulher (1961) studied visual arts, which still have an important influence on her music. Since moving to Hamburg in the early eighties, she has been involved in free improvisation and experimental music. Since then she has established a distinguished grammar of sounds beyond the open trumpet. Since 2006 she works with radios and uses extended speakers, fed with radio noise in her trumpet mutes. She has collaborated with Lou Mallozzi, Rhodri Davies, Damon Smith, Roger Turner, Sven-Åke Johansson etc. /



Daichi Yoshikawa (on ie-007)

short biography is coming soon… /



artist_thompsonDaniel Thompson (on ie-003, ie-008)

Guitarist Daniel Thompson (1981) was Born in Norfolk, England and has been based in London since 2005. After studying with guitarist John Russell for two years, he has collaborated with emblematic musicians of the London improv scene such as Caroline Kraabel, Sue Lynch, Evan Parker, Adrian Northover, Alex Ward, John Edwards, Guillaume Viltard, Olie Brice, Philipp Wachsmann and Adam Bohman – to name only a few. Some of his recordings can be found on labels such as FMR, Leo, Creative Sources, Confront or Raw Tonk. /



Edward Lucas (on ie-008)

short biography is coming soon…



artist_arayaFelipe Araya (on ie-005)

Felipe Araya (1978) from Chile has been playing drums and percussions since 1994, supported himself by self-learning and constant exploration. Since 2007, he is active in the fields of experimental and improvised music; by now, he mostly uses his Peruvian cajón horizontally, as a table surface: he rubs, strikes, strokes, scrapes, swipes, slides, drops, stirs and excites different objects and materials, some designed for sound while others not. He has worked with Dafne Vicente-Sandoval, Cristián Alvear, Tisha Mukarji, Ferran Fages and Klaus Filip. /



artist_muntzingHerman Müntzing (on ie-002)

Swedish musician Herman Müntzing (1964) is mainly interested in the fields of improvised and experimental music. Since the late nineties he has been working as a musician and educator with different Swedish and international groups, and has collaborated with Phil Minton, Eugene Chadbourne, Lotte Anker, Sten Sandell, Mats Lindström, Raymond Strid and Martin Klapper. He is giving lectures and workshops in many different situations, often striving for a new approach to the boundaries between sound, noise and music. /



artist_belorukovIlia Belorukov (on ie-001)

Ilia Belorukov (1987) is a saxophonist, improviser and composer from Saint Petersburg, Russia. He is heading to the directions of lowercase electroacoustic improvisation, free jazz and modern composition. He practices an experimental approach of sound extraction on alto saxophone and various electonic devices. He has played with Keith Rowe, Radu Malfatti, Norbert Möslang, Lucio Capece, Birgit Ulher, Annette Krebs etc. /



artist_schouwburgJean-Michel Van Schouwburg (on ie-004)

Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg (1955) is an improvising singer and vocal performer from Waterloo, Belgium. He has developed throat singing, overtone, jodel, mouth sound, falsetto, and multiphonic techniques and invented several unique languages since the nineties. He is working with the trios Sureau with Jean Demey and Kris Vanderstraete, and Trio 876 with Matthias Boss and Marcello Magliocchi; and has recorded albums with Paul Dunmall, John Russell, Lawrence Casserley, Adam Bohman and Marjolaine Charbin.



artist_ladikKatalin Ladik (on ie-004)

Katalin Ladik (1942) is a Hungarian performance artist, singer, actress and poet. Parallel to her written poems she creates sound- and visual poems, writes and performs experimental music and audio plays. She explores language through visual and vocal expressions, as well as movement and gestures. Her work includes performances, recordings, photography and collages in both urban and natural environments. In 2016 she is one of the four recipients of The LennonOno Grant For Peace alongside Ai Wei Wei, Anish Kapoor and Olafur Eliasson.



artist_hyvarinenLauri Hyvärinen (on ie-003)

Lauri Hyvärinen (1986) is a guitar player from Helsinki, Finland. For most of his life he has concentrated on experimental and improvised music, as well as noise. He works to find the balance between an instrumental impulse and a respect for silence and presence. Besides his solo ventures he has played with musicians such as Jack Wright, Alan Wilkinson, Tommi Keränen, Jone Takamäki, Naoto Yamagishi and Morishige Yasumune. /



artist_kuchenMartin Küchen (on ie-002)

Swedish saxophone virtuoso Martin Küchen (1966) feels equally at home in free jazz bands and in projects which move towards the avantgarde. He has been active on the free jazz scene since the mid-nineties, when he performed on the streets and in Stockholm metro stations. By now, he became one of leading new voices in contemporary improvised music, leading bands like Trespass Trio, Angles and All Included. His recent collaborations include duos with Keith Rowe, Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga or Steve Noble. /



artist_garciaMiguel A. García (on ie-001)

Miguel A. García (1980) from the Basque Country is one of the most dynamic sound artists on the Spanish scene. His works focus mainly on electroacoustic improvisation and composition. He uses sounds taken from electronic devices residues, often interrelated with field recordings or acoustic instruments, in the search of an intimate, intense and immersive experience. Has collaborated with Jean-Luc Guionnet, Wade Matthews, Seijiro Murayama, Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Lee Noyes and Richard Kamerman – among others. /



artist_mayneOliver Mayne (on ie-004)

Experimental vibraphone, electronics and analogue synthesizer player Oliver Mayne (1971) first encountered improvisation in a duo with a Brazilian pianist whilst living in Nottingham, England, but got more seriously involved in the adventurous side of music after moving to London, attending the weekly improvisation workshops run by Eddie Prévost of legendary British improvisation group AMM. He has been involved in various recordings through the years, including releases on Glitterhouse, Clinical Archives and Aural Terrains.



artist_abbottPaul Abbott (on ie-007)

Paul Abbott (1980) is an artist and musician based in London, working through questions and feelings connecting music, language and politics: using drums, performance, writing, and publishing. He is the co-editor of Cesura//Acceso journal for music, politics and poetics; and was one of the Sound And Music “Embedded” resident artists at London’s Cafe Oto. Recently he has collaborated with Pat Thomas, Bill Orcutt, Billy Steiger, Ute Kanngiesser and Tom Wheatley – among others. /



artist_fischerlehnerRudi Fischerlehner (on ie-006)

Austrian musician Rudi Fischerlehner (1977) plays drums and percussions in various musical projects that fall between free jazz, improvised and experimental music. He also composes and produces music for bands, films and theatre performances. He has recorded albums with Andreas Willers, and his current touring bands include an improvising trio with Matthias Müller and Olaf Rupp, a duo with Frank Paul Schubert, and Gorilla Mask with Peter Van Huffel and Roland Fidezius.  /



artist_wrightSeymour Wright (on ie-007)

London-based investigator and artist Seymour Wright’s (1976) practice is about the saxophone – music, history, technique ­– actual and potential; an on-going, rigorous and exhaustive exploration of the instrument. The energy of this learning is applied to various collaborations and contexts to access and share what he has called the ‘awkward wealth of investigation’. His solo work is documented on two widely acclaimed collections (Seymour Wright Of Derby; Seymour Writes Back), and has recorded albums with Evan Parker, Martin Küchen, Nate Wooley and Eddie Prévost. /




Zsolt Sőrés (on ie-004, ie-006)

Zsolt Sőrés (1969) is an improvising intuitive musician, experimental sound artist, editor and writer based in Budapest, Hungary. His music characterised by formation strategies and immediate transitions; the use of unstable acoustic systems and continuous sound layers, which can develop towards a sound economy. His recent collaborations in the context of improvised music include performances with Franz Hautzinger, Isabelle Duthoit, Christian Kobi, Christian Skjød, Thanos Chrysakis, Richard Barrett and Richard Scott. /