Grzegorz Marciniak: ''Melodica needs dedicated players who understand that it is a wind instrument and not a mini piano''


Inexhaustible Editions has just released Szczecin-born and now The Hague-based composer and performer Grzegorz Marciniak's first album presenting four pieces of the composer's Melodica Duets cycle. Interview about the inception and ideas behind the duos for melodicas, their various ways and settings of performing them, how the pieces work, the nature of the instrument itself; about drawing inspiration from karnatic music, and about his group Omega Impact. Eight questions and eight answers with Grzegorz Marciniak.

Sylvain Levier: ''Music makes images appear, images make forms emerge, and finally these forms can become tangible''


Bagneux-based French graphic artist Sylvain Levier's current work focuses on the practice of drawing which is all about composition, the balance between emptiness and fullness, and what appears and disappears. The idea and illusion that the drawing could ultimately be the result of something other than the hand are at
the center of his approach. Levier is currently working on the cover artwork for French composer Bruno Duplant's new solo release entitled Chance, to be released this Summer, and on its limited art editions with original, signed and numbered artworks attached. Ten questions and ten answers about his working
ideas and methods regarding Duplant's music; about displaying artworks on release packagings; about limited art editions and about his drawings as possible graphic scores.

Osvaldo Coluccino: ''When art manages to escape from the excessive presence of the medium, it could reach a touching result''


North Italian composer and poet Osvaldo Coluccino has been creating music since the late 70s, and completed his oeuvre as a poet in 2003. His compositions – ranging from orchestral through chamber to electroacoustic works – have been commissioned by the most prestigious festivals in Italy, and have been presented on stages all over the world. His monographic releases were published by record labels such as Kairos, Col Legno, NEOS, Another Timbre or Die Schachtel – and now, the latest one by Inexhaustible Editions. Interview about presence, absence, being a composer, being a poet, being a composer and a poet; about misleading classifications of his music and about his compositions in progress.

Ferran Fages: ''I base myself on working hypotheses which are often open questions''


Marked by an interest in minimalist and austere approaches, Catalan guitarist, composer and improviser Ferran Fages’ music decontextualizes the relationship between soft acoustic and bold electronic sounds. His interest in resonance and interpretive gestures serve him as a support in the search for the elasticity of sound. From Grey To Blue is his debut composed work for solo piano. Ten questions and ten answers about writing for solo piano, his early composed music influences and present working methods, his new project with trio TRUSS that we released earlier this year, and about his trilogy composed for guitar and sine waves between 2015 and 2018.

Stefan Thut: ''I do something in such a way that allows others to do something as well''


Swiss composer and cellist Stefan Thut is interested in processes and scores that invite both performers and listeners to delve into a world. Through his compositions he provides relatively determined systems in order to develop a praxis. In addition to instruments applied in traditional ways, he also uses everyday materials as components in his work. As an interpreter he has been performing music by his fellow and affiliated composers of Edition Wandelweiser. Interview about his recent album entitled among, the working method behind it; about the act of listening; various release formats; and about his everyday life during the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic. Nine questions, nine answers.

Guilherme Rodrigues: ''You cannot buy or practice that kind of natural-born gift that Sebi Tramontana has''


With his intuitive approach to improvisation and exploration of timbres, Berlin-based Portuguese cellist, improviser and composer Guilherme Rodrigues is using both classical and extensive playing techniques. His first duo recording with trombonist Sebi Tramontana, entitled Han Jiae, is one of the rare albums that are released outside of his family-run homelabel Creative Sources. Rodrigues talks about his collaborative work with Tramontana, the title of the recording, his formative years as an improvising musician, moving to Berlin, and about his activity on the Berlin and Lisbon improvised music 'landscapes'. Interview.