by Axel Dörner / Beat Keller

Two Lives

by Phil Minton / Szilárd Mezei

Melodica Duets 5-9

by Grzegorz Marciniak – performed by Grzegorz Marciniak

Dry Mountain

by Keith Rowe / Gerard Lebik

Duos And Solos For Four

by László Dubrovay – performed by Samodai-Szives Duo


by Gobi Drab / Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka


by Marina Džukljev / Noid


by Philippe Lauzier / Carlo Costa


by Manja Ristić / Giovanni Di Domenico

Live At Porgy & Bess

by Plasmic: Agnes Heginger / Elisabeth Harnik / Uli Winter / Fredi Pröll


by Slobodan Kajkut – performed by Johannes Feuchter / Jason Pfiester / Maija Karklina / Magdalena Fürntratt / Myriam Garcia Fidalgo / Slobodan Kajkut

Melodica Duets 1-4

by Grzegorz Marciniak – performed by Grzegorz Marciniak

Grace 2021

by Guylaine Cosseron / Lori Freedman

Unbelievably Late

by Franz Hautzinger / Éric Normand

Carte Blanche

by Bruno Duplant / Gil Sansón

In Order To Avoid Disorder (For Instruments And Chance)

by Alfredo Costa Monteiro – performed by Lali Barrière / Tom Chant / Ferran Fages / Ángel Faraldo / Barbara Held / Àlex Reviriego / Pilar Subirà / Alfredo Costa Monteiro

Tu Te Regardes. Ton Reflet / Fléchit En Se Ramollissant...

by Frédéric Tentelier – performed by Stéphane Clor / Quentin Conrate / Bruno Duplant / Matthieu Lebrun / Dominique Quélen / Frédéric Tentelier

Lullabies To Wake Up

by Christine Schörkhuber / Zorka Wollny

An den Mond

by Peter Ablinger – performed by Biliana Voutchkova


by Warble: Brad Henkel / Miako Klein


by Birgit Ulher / Petr Vrba

An Alphabet Of Fluctuation

by Gerard Lebik / Burkhard Beins


by Violeta García / Émilie Girard-Charest

Knotted Threads

by Yves Charuest / Benedict Taylor

Univers Parallèles

by Judith Wegmann / Bruno Duplant


by Csaba Pengő

Oxygen Room

by Samuel Rodgers / Richard Scott


by Hydra Ensemble: Gonçalo Almeida / Nina Hitz / Lucija Gregov / Rutger Zuydervelt


by Osvaldo Coluccino – performed by Osvaldo Coluccino


by Superimpose: Matthias Müller / Christian Marien with John Butcher / Sofia Jernberg / Nate Wooley

From Grey To Blue

by Ferran Fages – performed by Lluïsa Espigolé


by Stefan Thut – performed by Félicie Bazelaire / Léo Dupleix / Fredrik Rasten / Stefan Thut


by Jean D.L. / Rutger Zuydervelt

Nocturnes (3 études)

by Bruno Duplant – performed by Frédéric Tentelier

Trumpet City

by Craig Shepard – performed by one hundred twenty-six trumpet players


by Nick Ashwood – performed by Nick Ashwood

Todos los animales se reúnen en un gran gemido

by TRUSS: Ferran Fages / Alejandro Rojas-Marcos / Bárbara Sela


by Ingrid Schmoliner / Adam Pultz Melbye / Emilio Gordoa

Han Jiae

by Sebi Tramontana / Guilherme Rodrigues

Dedekind Duos

by Antoine Beuger – performed by Carl Ludwig Hübsch / Pierre-Yves Martel

Pointe Sèche

by Annette Krebs / Jean-Luc Guionnet

Morphic Resonance And Other Habits Of Nature

by Alison Blunt / Elisabeth Harnik


by Gerard Lebik / Noid

With All Your Mysteries In The Open Air

by Arches: Fredrik Rasten / Jon Heilbron

Étendues Silencieuses

by Bruno Duplant – performed by Taku Sugimoto / Minami Saeki


by Piotr Tkacz / Seiji Morimoto / Eric Wong

One Body One Bow One String

by Harald Kimmig

Five Arias For Nalca

by Benjamín Vergara / Fred Lonberg-Holm / Aaron Zarzutzki

Irreversible Motions

by Jason Mears / Stephen Flinn

Tulpe Schicht Brille

by Birgit Ulher / Christoph Schiller

Metal Breath

by Carl Ludwig Hübsch / Phil Minton

Avis Aux Réacteurs

by Xavier Charles / Éric Normand

La Perpetuidad Del Esbozo #3

by Santiago Astaburuaga – performed by Cristián Alvear / Makoto Oshiro / Hiroyuki Ura

To The Memory Of

by Antoine Beuger – performed by Nikolaus Gerszewski / Conceptual Soundproductions Budapest


by Réplica: Birgit Ulher / Felipe Araya

Bakers Of The Lost Future

by I Belong To The Band: Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg / Adam Bohman / Zsolt Sőrés / Oliver Mayne

London (East Then South)

by Lauri Hyvärinen / Daniel Thompson

Rop På Hjälp

by Küchen & Müntzing Scheibenhonig


by Miguel A. García / Ilia Belorukov