Bruno Duplant / Gil Sansón – Carte Blanche


1. Espèces D’espaces N°5 (6:28)
2. The Wait For Words (6:40)
3. Gift Horse (5:45)
4. Now You Know (5:55)
5. Rien De Ça (extrait) (5:55)
6. Paint Thinner (5:47)
7. Ce(ux) Qui Reste(nt) (6:30)


All words, music & instruments by Bruno Duplant & Gil Sansón
Mastered by Bruno Duplant at La Salle De Jeu in Waziers, France
Cover photography and inside drawing by Melvil Duplant
Graphic design by László Szakács
Produced by László Juhász & Bruno Duplant


Can you walk through the fire without knowing it?

Dance without bones through the wind?

Do you really need to know all the answers?

Words are like traces left in the sky

Who’s music is this?

From the shelter in the woods, from the shelter in the desert

To the non place you go to get lost into

Beyond the moon and the shadows of the stars

Right in front our noses

As we can see with eyes closed

And hear with our fingertips

Believe in ghosts and in the unknown

Happy to remain nameless



Released: February 2022 / first edition of 300 cds
Direct purchase: Bandcamp / Discogs









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