László Dubrovay – Duos And Solos For Four


Three Movements For Trumpet And Percussion (2006)

1. Vivace (4:52)
2. Libero, Adagio (7:55)
3. Allegretto (5:42)

· Bence János Samodai: trumpet
· Márton Szives: percussion

Solo No. 15/B For Marimba (2021)

4. I. Allegro Con Fuoco (2:10)
5. II. Andante (4:00)
6. III. Moderato Scherzando (2:47)
7. Toccata (2:56)

· Márton Szives: marimba

Lament For Vibraphone (2021)

8. Lament For Vibraphone (4:05)

· Márton Szives: vibraphone

Solo No. 11 For Trumpet (1993)

9. Libero, Moderato (3:05)
10. Libero, Lento (3:42)
11. Allegro (4:49)

· Bence János Samodai: trumpet

Sei Duo (1967)

12. I. Largo (1:06)
13. II. Allegro (1:06)
14. III. Andante (1:41)
15. IV. Allegretto (0:40)
16. V. Aon Moto (1:43)
17. VI. Presto Possibile (2:36)

· Dávid Pintér: violin
· Márton Szives: percussion

Valse Triste et Tres Vite (1996)

18. Valse Triste (3:23)
19. Tres Vite (4:05)

· Bence János Samodai: trumpet
· György Klebniczki: piano


All music composed by László Dubrovay (Artisjus)
Performed by Samodai-Szives Duo (Bence János Samodai & Márton Szives), György Klebniczki & Dávid Pintér
Recorded by Zoltán Osváth at the Bartók Hall of Béla Bartók Secondary Music School in Békéscsaba, Hungary on 18-21/7/2022
Artistic direction by László Dubrovay
Mixed and mastered by Zoltán Osváth
Liner notes by László Juhász
Artworks by Katalin Matild Nagy
Photo by Fanni Boros
Graphic design by László Szakács
Produced by Samodai-Szives Duo & László Juhász

Supported by NKA



This album is the second recording by the Samodai-Szives Duo that is dedicated to the colorful and innovative style of László Dubrovay. The members of the duo have been working with the composer for many years to master new techniques and musical challenges he set up for the new generations of musicians. On this album, they have teamed up with two guest musicians and recorded pieces that had never been captured in these forms.

Three Movements is one of a kind piece: it is one of the most difficult pieces for a trumpet-percussion duo, and demands extra versatility from both players. Regardless, this is the second recording of the piece from the duo.

Solo No. 15/B is a virtuoso and vibrant marimba piece written for Márton Szives, where he can show the ever-changing sound of the marimba.

Lament is again written for Szives, and originated from Solo 15/B’s second movement; both the musician and the composer thought that this movement can live even on a vibraphone.

Solo No. 11 is the world’s most challenging trumpet solo with techniques unique only to Dubrovay’s style.

Sei Duo is a violin-percussion piece with perky little movements. It had been recorded previously only once, but never with the direction of the composer himself.

Valse Triste et Tres Vite is originally a virtuoso piece for harp and trumpet, and besides its original recording, it has never been archived again or with a piano.

László Juhász
March 2023



Released: April 2023 / first edition of 200 cds
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