Inexhaustible Editions is a tiny bedroom label for acoustic and/or electronic improvisation, modern composition and other strange and beautiful sounds we’d love to see released.

Please note: at this point Inexhaustible Editions is not accepting demo materials and other proposals for future releases – thank you for your kind understanding.

“In the 1980s, American writer John Corbett traveled Europe searching for out-of-print LPs from small labels which he eventually produced reissues titled the Unheard Music Series first for Atavistic Records, then his own Corbett vs. Dempsey label. His mission was to preserve the music which formed the jazz and improvisation canon but was largely ignored, simply because it wasn’t produced by major labels. Enter Inexhaustible Editions and its sublabel Edition FriForma, much like those small labels Corbett helped preserve, is a true labor of love. Label chief László Juhász from Ljubljana, Slovenia produces not only these free improvisation sessions, but also organizes concerts. His contribution to the documentation and preservation of creative music is quite noble.” – Mark Corroto, Inexhaustible Editions: The Little Label That Roars, All About Jazz

Inexhaustible Editions

Current releases

ie-001: Miguel A. García / Ilia Belorukov – Wolkokrot *
ie-002: Küchen & Müntzing Scheibenhonig – Rop På Hjälp *
ie-003: Lauri Hyvärinen / Daniel Thompson – London (East Then South)
ie-004-2: I Belong To The Band: Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg / Adam Bohman / Zsolt Sőrés / Oliver Mayne – Bakers Of The Lost Future *
ie-005: Réplica: Birgit Ulher / Felipe Araya – Scoriacon *
ie-007: Antoine Beuger / Nikolaus Gerszewski / Conceptual Soundproductions Budapest – To The Memory Of
ie-008: Santiago Astaburuaga / Cristián Alvear / Makoto Oshiro / Hiroyuki Ura – La Perpetuidad Del Esbozo #3
ie-009: Xavier Charles / Éric Normand – Avis Aux Réacteurs
ie-010: Carl Ludwig Hübsch / Phil Minton – Metal Breath
ie-011: Birgit Ulher / Christoph Schiller – Tulpe Schicht Brille
ie-012: Jason Mears / Stephen Flinn – Irreversible Motions
ie-013: Benjamín Vergara / Fred Lonberg-Holm / Aaron Zarzutzki – Five Arias For Nalca
ie-014: Harald Kimmig – One Body One Bow One String
ie-017: Piotr Tkacz / Seiji Morimoto / Eric Wong – Continuing
ie-018: Bruno Duplant / Taku Sugimoto / Minami Saeki – Étendues Silencieuses *
ie-019: Arches: Fredrik Rasten / Jon Heilbron – With All Your Mysteries In The Open Air
ie-020: Gerard Lebik / Noid – Psephite
ie-021: Alison Blunt / Elisabeth Harnik – Morphic Resonance And Other Habits Of Nature
ie-022: Annette Krebs / Jean-Luc Guionnet – Pointe Sèche
ie-023: Antoine Beuger / Carl Ludwig Hübsch / Pierre-Yves Martel – Dedekind Duos *
ie-024: Sebi Tramontana / Guilherme Rodrigues – Han Jiae
ie-025: Ingrid Schmoliner / Adam Pultz Melbye / Emilio Gordoa – GRIFF
ie-026: TRUSS: Ferran Fages / Alejandro Rojas-Marcos / Bárbara Sela – Todos los animales se reúnen en un gran gemido
ie-027: Nick Ashwood – Unfolding/Overlay
ie-028-2: Craig Shepard – Trumpet City
ie-029: Bruno Duplant / Frédéric Tentelier – Nocturnes (3 Études)
ie-030: Jean D.L. / Rutger Zuydervelt – Scramblings
ie-031: Stefan Thut / Félicie Bazelaire / Léo Dupleix / Fredrik Rasten – Among
ie-032: Ferran Fages / Lluïsa Espigolé – From Grey To Blue
ie-033-3: SUPERIMPOSE Matthias Müller / Christian Marien WITH John Butcher / Sofia Jernberg / Nate Wooley
ie-034: Osvaldo Coluccino – Absum
ie-035: Hydra Ensemble: Gonçalo Almeida / Nina Hitz / Lucija Gregov / Rutger Zuydervelt – Voltas
ie-037: Samuel Rodgers / Richard Scott – Oxygen Room
ie-038: Csaba Pengő – Circles
ie-040 / tdb90048: Yves Charuest / Benedict Taylor – Knotted Threads
ie-041 / tdb90049: Violeta García / Émilie Girard-Charest – Impermanence
ie-042: Gerard Lebik / Burkhard Beins – An Alphabet Of Fluctuation

Upcoming releases

ie-015: Nodosus: Matt Davis / John Butcher / Angharad Davies / Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga / Dominic Lash – Cusp
ie-016: Ross Lambert / Seijiro Murayama – Project Space
ie-036: Wolkokrots: Miguel A. García / Ilia Belorukov – Hurdergnod
ie-039: Judith Wegmann / Bruno Duplant – Univers Parallèles
ie-043: Birgit Ulher / Petr Vrba – Schallschatten
ie-044: Warble: Brad Henkel / Miako Klein – Swarm
ie-045: Peter Ablinger / Biliana Voutchkova – An den Mond

Edition FriForma

Current releases

eff-003: Markus Krispel / Matija Schellander / Szilveszter Miklós – Put
eff-006: Anastasios Savvopoulos OUXPO feat. Brad Henkel, Philipp Gropper, Felix Henkelhausen & Dré A. Hočevar – Deterritorialization
eff-007: Lee Patterson / Samo Kutin – The Universal Veil That Hangs Together Like A Skin
eff-008: Anastasios Savvopoulos OUXPO feat. Peter Ehwald, Dan Peter Sundland & Dré A. Hočevar – Dialogism

Upcoming releases

eff-004: Szilárd Benes / Tilen Lebar / Gabriele Drab
eff-005: Christine Schörkhuber / Bálint Bolcsó / Dré A. Hočevar
eff-009: Michael Pisaro-Liu / Primož Sukič – Mind Is Moving (IX)
eff-010: Cornelius Cardew / Jaka Berger – Treatise
eff-011: John Russell / Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg – Before The Wedding 10''


Upcoming release

sl-001-3: Robertina Šebjanič – Aquatocene: Subaquatic Quest For Serenity (Selected Underwater Environmental Recordings 2014-2020)

* physical copy sold out at source