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SPRING 2024 / FALL 2023


by Axel Dörner / Beat Keller

Two Lives

by Phil Minton / Szilárd Mezei

Melodica Duets 5-9

by Grzegorz Marciniak – performed by Grzegorz Marciniak

Dry Mountain

by Keith Rowe / Gerard Lebik

Inexhaustible Editions, Edition FriForma and project ''Sounding Spomenik'' at Wien Modern *

1 DECEMBER 2023 – 19 DECEMBER 2023

1 December 2023, Friday 19.00 / Echoraum, Vienna

· Opening of photo exhibition ''Concrete Lines'' and video installation ''Stands Still'' by László Juhász
· ''Unheard Stories: Sonic Aspects of Yugoslavia's Brutalist Monuments'', lecture by Belma Bešlić-Gál
· ''From Planning to Execution'': discussion with sound engineer Jernej Babnik Romaniuk and producer László Juhász, moderated by Belma Bešlić-Gál
· ''Ilirska Bistrica'': solo performance by Tadeja Žele (cello) with Patrick K.-H. (multi-channel field recording sound distribution, live visualization)
· ''Dražgoše'': solo performance by Vida Vatovec (alto saxophone) with Patrick K.-H. (multi-channel field recording sound distribution, live visualization)

2 December 2023, Saturday 17.00 / Echoraum, Vienna

· ''Hörraum'': 90-minute deep listening session with founder of Inexhaustible Editions, curator and producer László Juhász

19 December 2023, Tuesday 19.00 / Echoraum, Vienna

· Biliana Voutchkova plays Peter Ablinger, album presentation of ''An den Mond''
· Closing of photo exhibition ''Concrete Lines'' and video installation ''Stands Still'' by László Juhász

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SPRING 2023 / FALL 2022

Duos And Solos For Four

by László Dubrovay – performed by Samodai-Szives Duo


by Gobi Drab / Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka


by Marina Džukljev / Noid

Living Bridges

by Samo Kutin / Pascal Battus

Pelletron / Dynamitron

by CUT Trio: Tanja Feichtmair / Cene Resnik / Urban Kušar


by Cornelius Cardew – performed by Jaka Berger

Grzegorz Marciniak: ''Melodica needs dedicated players who understand that it is a wind instrument and not a mini piano''


Inexhaustible Editions has just released Szczecin-born and now The Hague-based composer and performer Grzegorz Marciniak's first album presenting four pieces of the composer's Melodica Duets cycle. Interview about the inception and ideas behind the duos for melodicas, their various ways and settings of performing them, how the pieces work, the nature of the instrument itself; about drawing inspiration from karnatic music, and about his group Omega Impact. Eight questions and eight answers with Grzegorz Marciniak.

Recent releases

FALL 2022 / SPRING 2022

Inner Weather

by Neža Naglič / Primož Bončina


by Manja Ristić / Giovanni Di Domenico

Live At Porgy & Bess

by Plasmic: Agnes Heginger / Elisabeth Harnik / Uli Winter / Fredi Pröll


by Slobodan Kajkut – performed by Johannes Feuchter / Jason Pfiester / Maija Karklina / Magdalena Fürntratt / Myriam Garcia Fidalgo / Slobodan Kajkut

Melodica Duets 1-4

by Grzegorz Marciniak – performed by Grzegorz Marciniak

Carte Blanche

by Bruno Duplant / Gil Sansón

Sylvain Levier: ''Music makes images appear, images make forms emerge, and finally these forms can become tangible''


Bagneux-based French graphic artist Sylvain Levier's current work focuses on the practice of drawing which is all about composition, the balance between emptiness and fullness, and what appears and disappears. The idea and illusion that the drawing could ultimately be the result of something other than the hand are at
the center of his approach. Levier is currently working on the cover artwork for French composer Bruno Duplant's new solo release entitled Chance, to be released this Summer, and on its limited art editions with original, signed and numbered artworks attached. Ten questions and ten answers about his working
ideas and methods regarding Duplant's music; about displaying artworks on release packagings; about limited art editions and about his drawings as possible graphic scores.

In collaboration with Tour de Bras

FALL 2022 / SPRING 2022 / SUMMER 2021


by Philippe Lauzier / Carlo Costa

Grace 2021

by Guylaine Cosseron / Lori Freedman

Unbelievably Late

by Franz Hautzinger / Éric Normand


by Violeta García / Émilie Girard-Charest

Knotted Threads

by Yves Charuest / Benedict Taylor

Osvaldo Coluccino: ''When art manages to escape from the excessive presence of the medium, it could reach a touching result''


North Italian composer and poet Osvaldo Coluccino has been creating music since the late 70s, and completed his oeuvre as a poet in 2003. His compositions – ranging from orchestral through chamber to electroacoustic works – have been commissioned by the most prestigious festivals in Italy, and have been presented on stages all over the world. His monographic releases were published by record labels such as Kairos, Col Legno, NEOS, Another Timbre or Die Schachtel – and now, the latest one by Inexhaustible Editions. Interview about presence, absence, being a composer, being a poet, being a composer and a poet; about misleading classifications of his music and about his compositions in progress.

More recent releases

SPRING 2022 / FALL 2021

In Order To Avoid Disorder (For Instruments And Chance)

by Alfredo Costa Monteiro – performed by Lali Barrière / Tom Chant / Ferran Fages / Ángel Faraldo / Barbara Held / Àlex Reviriego / Pilar Subirà / Alfredo Costa Monteiro

Tu Te Regardes. Ton Reflet / Fléchit En Se Ramollissant...

by Frédéric Tentelier – performed by Stéphane Clor / Quentin Conrate / Bruno Duplant / Matthieu Lebrun / Dominique Quélen / Frédéric Tentelier

Lullabies To Wake Up

by Christine Schörkhuber / Zorka Wollny

Bijna Samenhangend In Rotunda

by Szilárd Benes / Tilen Lebar

Mind Is Moving (IX)

by Michael Pisaro-Liu – performed by Primož Sukič

An den Mond

by Peter Ablinger – performed by Biliana Voutchkova

Ferran Fages: ''I base myself on working hypotheses which are often open questions''


Marked by an interest in minimalist and austere approaches, Catalan guitarist, composer and improviser Ferran Fages’ music decontextualizes the relationship between soft acoustic and bold electronic sounds. His interest in resonance and interpretive gestures serve him as a support in the search for the elasticity of sound. From Grey To Blue is his debut composed work for solo piano. Ten questions and ten answers about writing for solo piano, his early composed music influences and present working methods, his new project with trio TRUSS that we released earlier this year, and about his trilogy composed for guitar and sine waves between 2015 and 2018.

Even more recent releases

SUMMER 2021 / SPRING 2021


by Warble: Brad Henkel / Miako Klein


by Birgit Ulher / Petr Vrba

An Alphabet Of Fluctuation

by Gerard Lebik / Burkhard Beins

Univers Parallèles

by Judith Wegmann / Bruno Duplant


by Csaba Pengő

Oxygen Room

by Samuel Rodgers / Richard Scott

News / Events

Please note: at this point Inexhaustible Editions is not accepting demo materials and other proposals for future releases – thank you for your kind understanding.

Exciting new duo releases in the works for Fall 2023 featuring Keith Rowe and Gerard Lebik, Phil Minton and Szilárd Mezei, Axel Dörner and Beat Keller; three new solo works in the plans by Grzegorz Marciniak, Gobi Drab and Bruno Duplant; and we are working on the packaging of the first four Sounding Spomenik releases presenting Jasenovac (with Tena Novak), Ilirska Bistrica (with Tadeja Žele), Dražgoše (with Vida Vatovec) and Sinj (with Lucija Gregov). The Sounding Spomenik project / release series will be premiered at 36. Wien Modern at Echoraum in Vienna on 1 December with a diverse evening of two solo sets with visuals, lectures, talks, a video installation, photo exhibition and a pop-up label store.

And at last, we are soon launching our new sublabel SonoLiminal, curated by intermedia artist and researcher Robertina Šebjanič, for science and technology based contemporary sound art.

And even more recent releases

SPRING 2021 / FALL 2020


by Hydra Ensemble: Gonçalo Almeida / Nina Hitz / Lucija Gregov / Rutger Zuydervelt


by Osvaldo Coluccino – performed by Osvaldo Coluccino


by Superimpose: Matthias Müller / Christian Marien with John Butcher / Sofia Jernberg / Nate Wooley

From Grey To Blue

by Ferran Fages – performed by Lluïsa Espigolé


by Anastasios Savvopoulos OUXPO feat. Peter Ehwald, Dan Peter Sundland & Dré A. Hočevar


by Stefan Thut – performed by Félicie Bazelaire / Léo Dupleix / Fredrik Rasten / Stefan Thut

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