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Han Jiae

by Sebi Tramontana / Guilherme Rodrigues

Morphic Resonance And Other Habits Of Nature

by Alison Blunt / Elisabeth Harnik

Dedekind Duos

by Antoine Beuger – performed by Carl Ludwig Hübsch / Pierre-Yves Martel


by Gerard Lebik / Noid

Pointe Sèche

by Annette Krebs / Jean-Luc Guionnet


by Anastasios Savvopoulos OUXPO feat. Brad Henkel, Philipp Gropper, Felix Henkelhausen & Dré A. Hočevar

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With his intuitive approach to improvisation and exploration of timbres, Berlin-based Portuguese cellist, improviser and composer Guilherme Rodrigues is using both classical and extensive playing techniques. His first duo recording with trombonist Sebi Tramontana, entitled Han Jiae, is one of the rare albums that are released outside of his family-run homelabel Creative Sources. Rodrigues talks about his collaborative work with Tramontana, the title of the recording, his formative years as an improvising musician, moving to Berlin, and about his activity on the Berlin and Lisbon improvised music 'landscapes'. Interview.

Guilherme Rodrigues: 'You cannot buy or practice that kind of natural-born gift that Sebi Tramontana has'

Recent releases

With All Your Mysteries In The Open Air

by Arches: Fredrik Rasten / Jon Heilbron

One Body One Bow One String

by Harald Kimmig

Étendues Silencieuses

by Bruno Duplant – performed by Taku Sugimoto / Minami Saeki

Five Arias For Nalca

by Benjamín Vergara / Fred Lonberg-Holm / Aaron Zarzutzki


by Piotr Tkacz / Seiji Morimoto / Eric Wong

Irreversible Motions

by Jason Mears / Stephen Flinn

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Please note: at this point Inexhaustible Editions is not accepting demo materials and other proposals for future releases – thank you for your kind understanding.

Exciting new releases in the works featuring Lee Patterson / Samo Kutin, Anastasios Savvopoulos OUXPO, GRIFF, TRUSS, Nick Ashwood, Craig Shepard, Bruno Buplant / Frédéric Tentelier, Superimpose and Jean D.L. / Rutger Zuydervelt.

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