by Osvaldo Coluccino – performed by Osvaldo Coluccino

Nocturnes (3 études)

by Bruno Duplant – performed by Frédéric Tentelier

Dedekind Duos

by Antoine Beuger – performed by Carl Ludwig Hübsch / Pierre-Yves Martel

To The Memory Of

by Antoine Beuger – performed by Nikolaus Gerszewski / Conceptual Soundproductions Budapest

From Grey To Blue

by Ferran Fages – performed by Lluïsa Espigolé

Trumpet City

by Craig Shepard – performed by one hundred twenty-six trumpet players

Étendues Silencieuses

by Bruno Duplant – performed by Taku Sukimoto / Minami Saeki


by Stefan Thut – performed by Félicie Bazelaire / Léo Dupleix / Fredrik Rasten / Stefan Thut


by Nick Ashwood – performed by Nick Ashwood

La Perpetuidad Del Esbozo #3

by Santiago Astaburuaga – performed by Cristián Alvear / Makoto Oshiro / Hiroyuki Ura