Wolkokrot tour in Switzerland and France

Miguel A. García and Ilia Belorukov first met in 2013 in Saint Petersburg, Russia at a recording session. After some time, they started to work together as a duo: their debut album, Wolkokrot was released by Inexhaustible Editions in August 2015. Wolkokrot was a home studio work based on sound files exchanging, using various electronics, sound samples and field recordings as blurred reflections of memories. As a live unit, García and Belorukov are playing in improvised context, and working with sounds of a saxophone, objects and various electronic devices. The première tour of the duo is happennig in December 2016 in Switzerland and France.

7 December 2016 – Biel/Bienne, Atelier Strøm
8 December 2016 – Geneva, Le Cabinet
9 December 2016 – Lausanne, Librairie HumuS
10 December 2016 – Marseille, Data
11 December 2016 – Toulouse, Le Caméléon
13 December 2016 – Montpellier, Le Royal Occupé
14 December 2016 – Besançon, Atelier de l’Etoile
16 December 2016 – Zürich, WIM