Review of Bruno Duplant and Frédéric Tentelier’s Nocturnes (3 Études) at Esoteros

“Frédéric Tentelier’s musical gesture feeds on darkness like the murkiest plots of Dostoevskij and Simenon, supports the interrogative phrases of the right hand with faint static tones, slowly consumes itself by means of its own ‘harmonies against the day’. Bruno Duplant’s Nocturnes capture with subtle poignancy the intrinsic duality of the small hours, parentheses both of rest and of inexpressible restlessness, pages that only the half-asleep mind can fill.” – some interesting observations again by Michele Palazzo at his Italian review site Esoteros, this time about Nocturnes (3 Études) by composer Bruno Duplant and performer Frédéric Tentelier, in the company of New Hermitage’s Unearth and Marco Paltrinieri’s The Weaver.