Judith Wegmann / Bruno Duplant – Univers Parallèles


1. Univers Parallèles #1 (23:23)
2. Univers Parallèles #2 (23:23)


· Judith Wegmann: piano
· Bruno Duplant: sounds and electronics


All music by Judith Wegmann & Bruno Duplant
Recorded by Judith Wegmann on a Yamaha Grand piano in Biel, Switzerland in July 2020
Mixed and mastered by Bruno Duplant at La Salle De Jeu in Waziers, France
Text by Alexandre Caldara
Photos by Bruno Duplant
Graphic design by László Szakács
Produced by László Juhász & Bruno Duplant



Released: August 2021 / first edition of 300 cds
Direct purchase: Bandcamp / Discogs









“This first-time collaboration between Swiss pianist and composer Judith Wegmann – who’s released several superb readings of Morton Feldman’s music in the last couple of years – and French electro-acoustic musician and composer Bruno Duplant was built around a shared admiration for the film and TV work of David Lynch, particularly Twin Peaks (1990-91). Duplant creates two elusive collages of sound marked by diffuse friction and slippery ambience that gently churn and cycle, producing a creepy anxiety far more potent and mysterious than anything by Angelo Badalamenti. His work is then embroidered by Wegmann’s gorgeous playing, which seems to levitate in place when it’s not punctured by delicate internal piano scrapes and groans. At times, her performance reminds me of what Chris Abrahams does in The Necks, exploring little motifs and phrases from every angle, but Wegmann eschews the sort of forward propulsion he favors. That stasis helps foster the fraught mixture of tender beauty and ominous dread that she achieves with Duplant here – something that deftly conjures the Lynch aesthetic masterfully.” / Peter Margasak, Bandcamp Daily, 1 September 2021