TRUSS – Todos los animales se reúnen en un gran gemido


1. Ceniza Cárdena (8:21)
2. Látigos Amarillos (5:42)
3. Huracán De Púrpura (4:01)
4. Inmovilidad Del Gris (2:09)
5. Calles Blancas (10:10)
6. Cuchillo Azul (6:56)
7. Aviso Negro (4:29)


· Ferran Fages: acoustic guitar, feedback systems
· Alejandro Rojas-Marcos: clavichord
· Bárbara Sela: recorders


All music by Ferran Fages, Alejandro Rojas-Marcos & Bárbara Sela
Recorded by Rafael Camisón at Estudio 79 in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain on 24/11/2019
Mixed and mastered by Jan Valls
Drawing by Ferran Fages
Photo by Rafael Camisón
All titles by Antonio Gamoneda (Lápidas, 1986)
Graphic design by László Szakács
Produced by László Juhász


Released: August 2020 / first edition of 300 cds
Direct purchase: Bandcamp / Discogs









“If you listen to underground music you are still a few meters closer to the surface than here. The difference is by no means subtle: this here is, in fact, the music of the underground, the chaotic agitation of creatures relentlessly struggling for their survival among the roughness of bare earth. Spanish trio TRUSS ventures through these dark and narrow tunnels with an instrumentation, to say the least, improbable: acoustic guitar (Ferran Fages), clavichord (Alejandro Rojas-Marcos) and recorders (Bárbara Sela) are being used, moreover, in such a way as to reveal phonemes in their rawest form, disorderly and emptied of meaning, thus accessing a para-expressive domain that replaces consciousness with instinct, tonality with the most elementary sound gestures.

Although the title of each track evokes a colour image, Todos los animales se reúnen en un gran gemido originates above all from the collision of nervous and inscrutable auditory dynamics that disregard any harmonic canon, and from which one’s imagination can therefore take refuge in complete abstraction. There remains, however, the persistent echo of a hybrid and ancestral ‘sound ecology’, with more or less direct references to the entomological and ornithological spheres: the dissonant calls and the strident diplophony of the winds, the metallic scraping of the bow on the strings, an indistinct variety of microscopic percussive interventions, are the elements that mingle and alternate in the free hatching of a faunal scenery in continuous metamorphosis.

Before the ‘fine arts’, the epics and the suave poems of ancient times, a mythological bruitisme similar to that of TRUSS had probably manifested itself, attuned to the labored breathing of primordial beings, still completely foreign to any Edenic or Romantic view of the natural world.” / Michele Palozzo, Esoteros, 6 September 2020


“There is a new release by TRUSS (Ferran Fages – acoustic guitar, feedback systems; Alejandro Rojas-Marcos – clavichord; Bárbara Sela – recorders) called, Todos los animales se reúnen en un gran gemido. It is harsh, irritating, screechy, grating and abrasive. In other words, it is very good, tough, no-holds-barred improv. Check it out.” / Brian Olewnick, Facebook, 10 September 2020





· Godbeni Imperializem at Radio Študent, Ljubljana, 1 October 2020