Arches – With All Your Mysteries In The Open Air



1. One (12:49)
2. Two (6:25)
3. Three (4:36)
4. Four (15:12)

· Fredrik Rasten: acoustic guitar, e-bows
· Jon Heilbron: double bass

All music by Fredrik Rasten & Jon Heilbron
Recorded by Adam Asnan at Ausland, Berlin on 7/7/2017
Mixed by Adam Asnan
Mastered by Werner Dafeldecker
Cover art by Simen Engen Larsen
Graphic design by László Szakács
Produced by László Juhász
Thanks to Derek Shirley & Adam Asnan

Released: August 2019 / first edition of 300 cds
Purchase: Bandcamp / Discogs



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“Recently I was very pleasantly surprised by a disc by Jon Heilbron who played the Bontempi organ on a disc with some great drone music. As I had not heard of him before, I was not aware that he is (also?) a double bass player and as such he is a member of Arches, a duo he has with Fredrik Rasten on acoustic guitar and e-bows. They played a concert in Ausland, Berlin in July 2017, recorded and mixed by Adam Asnan and now released as a four-piece disc. While Heilbron may play different instruments, judging by the two releases I heard containing his music, I’d say he’s a man who loves his drones. On the Bontempi one, it may have been a question pressing down the keys and holding them, here it is all bit fluid; the bow goes over the strings making slow, majestic gestures on those strings while the e-bow on the guitar of Rasten provides a more continuous, sine-wave like drones. The music is like two paths; the curly one by Heilbron and the straight lines by Rasten. It is quite thoughtful music, almost solemn in approach. I was thinking of Alvin Lucier, had not Heilbron being using the bow that much, but it surely shares a similar sound world there, especially in the slowest of the four pieces, which is entitled Four. This is an excellent disc, merging a more or less modern classical music approach with improvised music and that works very well here.” / Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly, 3 September 2019



Radio plays ↓


· Godbeni Imperializem at Radio Študent, Ljubljana, 8 August 2019