Bruno Duplant – Étendues Silencieuses



1. Page 1: 14 June, Yurinoki Park (3:09)
2. Page 2: 14 June, Yurinoki Park (6:46)
3. Page 3: 14 June, Hanegi Park (4:54)
4. Page 4: 24 June, Kitazawa Park (4:53)
5. Page 5: 14 June, Hanegi Park (5:31)
6. Page 6: 14 June, Hanegi Park (4:18)
7. Page 7: 14 June, Kitazawa River Way (5:10)
8. Page 8: 15 June, Inokashira Park (4:40)
9. Page 9: 15 June, Inokashira Park (4:33)
10. Page 10: 24 June, Kitazawa Park (4:11)
11. Page 11: 24 June, Kitazawa Park (4:44)

· Taku Sugimoto: acoustic or electric guitar
· Minami Saeki: voice

Score composed by Bruno Duplant in 2017-2018
Realized by Taku Sugimoto & Minami Saeki
Recorded by Taku Sugimoto in various Tokyo parks on 14-24/6/2018
Edited and mastered by Bruno Duplant with the help of Simon Reynell
Artworks by Ko Ushijima
Graphic design by László Szakács
Produced by László Juhász & Bruno Duplant

Released: September 2019 / first edition of 300 cds
Purchase: Bandcamp / Discogs



Reviews ↓


“The header says Bruno Duplant, but his role here is as the composer of the work, while Taku Sugimoto (acoustic or electric guitar) and Minami Saeki (voice) perform the piece. All three of them have words on the cover, but I wouldn’t mind seeing more of the actual score. There are eleven pages in this score and they are performed on locations outside, Yurinoki Park, Hanegi Park, Kitazawa Park and such. Each player was unaware of how the other was going to interpret these eleven pages. This is a strange release. It is very quiet, as the title might indicate; it is all about hearing. I image the two musicians sitting on a park bench armed with a small recorder and carefully producing a few sounds. Oddly enough the voice of Seaki is usually a bit louder than the guitar played Sugimoto. We hear just a few sounds from him. Sometimes the activities of other people in the park, children playing, for instance, are louder than the guitar. I am not sure if Seaki sings words or just produces sounds with her mouth. It is strange and radical music, not easy something to access. The first time I played it, last week, I removed it from CD player after a few minutes, because I found it all very annoying. But once I sat down and concentrated more on what I was hearing, the music quite grabbed me, even when, in all its silent approach, it remained something that was not easy get along with. Perhaps this music calls for another state of mind, one that I have not yet encountered (or even have found), a sort of Zen-like state of listening, that will open another door with this music; or should that ‘into this music’? I am not sure. These fifty-two minutes will certainly alter your perception of reality quite a bit. The release you play after this one will be perceived quite differently than what you expected. At least for me, it did.” / Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly, 5 November 2019


“Inexhaustible Editions has two new and excellent releases that are well worth your time: Arches (Fredrik Rasten, acoustic guitar and e-bows; Jonathan Heilbron, double bass) – With All Your Mysteries In The Open Air. Four duos. Although both instruments are arco throughout (or e-bow), resulting in long, slowly shifting lines, I don’t get so much of an impression of ‘drone’, more like attenuated versions of string adagios or marches funèbres. Dark, compelling, super-subtle and gorgeous. Bruno Duplant – Étendues Silencieuses. Eleven pages of a score realized by Taku Sugimoto (acoustic and electric guitars) and Minami Saeki (voice). Each performer separately determined how to interpret the scores (text? graphic? I’m not certain) then played them in several open air, park settings. As one might expect, quiet, serene with only mild currents of disturbance, the ambient sounds filtering in – water, dogs, children. Sugimoto and Saeki play with extreme sensitivity, a pleasure to experience.” / Brian Olewnick, Facebook, 27 December 2019



Radio plays ↓


· Log at National Sawdust, New York, 21 October 2019
· The Sound Projector Radio Show at Resonance FM, London, 29 November 2019