CUT Trio – Pelletron / Dynamitron


1. Pelletron (21:52)
2. Dynamitron (17:55)


· Tanja Feichtmair: alto saxophone / altovski saksofon
· Cene Resnik: tenor saxophone / tenorski saksofon
· Urban Kušar: drums and percussion / bobni in tolkala


All music by / glasba: Tanja Feichtmair (AKM), Cene Resnik (SAZAS) & Urban Kušar (SAZAS)
Recorded by / snemanje: Marko Turel at 27. Keltika in Cerkno, Slovenia / na 27. Keltiki v Cerknem, Slovenija, 9/4/2022
Mixed and mastered by / studijsko mešanje in mastering: Jernej Babnik Romaniuk
Cover artwork by / naslovnica: Patrick K.-H.
Photos by / fotografije: Dawid Laskowski
Graphic design by / oblikovanje: László Szakács
Executive producer / izvršna producentka: Nataša Serec
Associate producer / producent: László Juhász
Special thanks to / posebna zahvala: Josef Klammer, Elisabeth Harnik & Seppo Gruendler, V:NM, Graz; Simon Kenda, Keltika, Cerkno



Released: October 2022 / first edition of 300 cds
Direct purchase: Bandcamp / Discogs





“CUT Trio features the twin saxes of Tanja Feichtmair and Cene Resnik, on alto and tenor, sparring over the enthusiastic drums and percussion of Urban Kušar. Feichtmair is the only player I’m familiar with, and this is a very different forum to last year’s quietly fertile exploration of brittle noises with Gino Robair and Damon Smith. CUT Trio create rough and ready improvisations, bursting with restless energy, the horns twisting and turning around each other, willing each other on. This is no furious freakout though, there are also moments of great tenderness. Early on Dynamitron, Feichtmair intones barely audible vocals over the gentle enquiries of Kušar and Resnik. Things fall apart, so to speak, but then that’s why we listen to this stuff!

What Pelletron / Dynamitron really reminds me of is early Bruce’s Fingers releases, or the rather wonderful Holywell Concert where Lol Coxhill, George Haslam and Paul Rutherford joust with horns. This is released on the Slovenian Inexhaustible Editions label, which has a ton more exciting looking releases. What’s the Slovenian music scene like? Is there a Termite Club of Slovenian wonder behind this release? As well as being a superb album, Pelletron / Dynamitron raises so many questions, exactly the kind of questions I love to be confronted with. Thank you for opening another door Tanja.” / Graeme Murrell, Facebook, 4 November 2022





· 100 Decibelov at Radio Študent, Ljubljana, 11 October 2022
· Glasni Novi Svet at ARS – 3. Program Radia Slovenija, Ljubljana, 2 November 2022