Michael Pisaro-Liu – Mind Is Moving (IX)


1. Mind Is Moving (IX) (43:44)
    for electric guitar (2011)


· Primož Sukič: electric guitar, radio, stones


Composed by Michael Pisaro-Liu
Performed by Primož Sukič
Recorded and engineered by Joshua Hyde at Centre des Arts d’Enghien-les-Bains, France on 7/5/2021
Edited and mixed by Primož Sukič
Mastered by Jernej Babnik Romaniuk
Text and scores by Michael Pisaro-Liu
Photo by Joshua Hyde
Graphic design by László Szakács
Executive producer: Nataša Serec
Associate producer: László Juhász


Released: September 2021 / first edition of 300 cds
Direct purchase: Bandcamp / Discogs