Santiago Astaburuaga – La Perpetuidad Del Esbozo #3



1. La Perpetuidad Del Esbozo #3 (2016) (40:00)

· Cristián Alvear: guitar, sine tones, field recordings (recorded in Japan, 2016) and archives (excerpts from Nick Hoffman’s “Bermuda”, Pilgrim Talk, 2016)
· Makoto Oshiro: kachi-kachi electromagnetic relays, prepared speaker unit, sine tones, field recordings (recorded at Hamamatsu Kamoe Art Center, 2016) and archives (excerpts from Dawang Yingfan Huang’s “Tourette’s Songbook”, Kandala Records, 2016)
· Hiroyuki Ura: snare drum, cymbal, sine tones, field recordings (recorded in Gunma, 2015) and archives (excerpts from Uchu Hakase’s “Drum Solo At Music Org”, self released, 2014)

Composed and liner note by Santiago Astaburuaga
Realized by Cristián Alvear, Makoto Oshiro & Hiroyuki Ura
Recorded by Makoto Oshiro in Tokyo on 10/10/2016
Mixed and mastered by Makoto Oshiro
Drawing by Nick Hoffman
Graphic design by László Szakács

Released: August 2018 / first edition of 300 copies
Purchase: Bandcamp / Discogs



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