1. To The Memory Of (2016) (56:16)

· Nikolaus Gerszewski: piano, objects
· Lenke Kovács: vocals
· Ferenc Getto: vocals, objects
· László Németh: trumpet
· Dorottya Poór: violin
· Nóra Lajkó: guitar
· Julien Baillod: guitar, feedback
· Andor Erazmus Illés: electronics
· Erik Benjámin Rafael: percussions, objects

Composed by Antoine Beuger
Realized by Conceptual Soundproductions Budapest
Recorded at the Doctoral School of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest, 05/02/2017
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Zsolt László Kiss
Graphic design by László Szakács

a group of people forgathers
together they engender a space for individual sounds or words to appear
a space, not least, for themselves to appear to one another
an unconditional space of confidence and mutual recognition
a pure “space of appearance” (Hanna Arendt)

is this possible?
is it possible to withstand the lure of being more organized, more well-defined,
more in control of what “we” are,
of what it is, that we are doing?
more determined about who or what belongs to “us” or what we are doing
and who or what doesn’t?

we can at least hope for it
I hope playing and listening to
to the memory of
may strengthen this hope

Antoine Beuger
July 2017

Released: December 2017 / 300 copies
Order: Bandcamp / Discogs



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